Monday, May 6, 2013

my mom doesn't have a job...

"My mom doesn't have a job" the little girl explained to her peers as they talked about mother's day.
"She stays home and helps on the ranch, she has a college education, not sure why cause she don't use it anyway."
The teacher was intrigued because some years before she would have said this about her ranch mom too.
So she encouraged the girl, not prodding but innocently asked "Well, what all does your mother do?"
"In the morning she gets up and makes us all breakfast but first she goes down to milk the cows.
Depending on the season she may pull a new lamb or maybe a new calf 'fore comin' back to the house.
Then she washes us all up and gets us to the bus just in time to meet daddy with the feed pickup.
By this time it's almost seven but she don't have a problem gettin' stuff done, around 4 is when she gets up.
She helps him all morning with whatever needs done. She spends a lot of the time on her horse Smokey.
It makes me pretty jealous because we have to be stuck in school while mom gets to do all of the fun things.
It's okay though because during those winter storms she's tough in the cold lookin' for livestock.
By the time we get home everything's been taken care of and mom helps us in and to get our shoes off.
She says we need to keep our messes cleaned up, somethin' about she's spent hours earlier with a mop and broom.
But it must not be that hard and I think she likes doin' it or else she'd stop wantin' to clean our room too.
In the evenings we have guests over quite often, grandpa and grandma or the neighbor and his family.
Mom gets to stay up and listen to the stories while she does the dishes but we get put to bed by 8 o'clock strictly."
Smiling because this is exactly what she'd predicted, the teacher asked the girl about her mom's hobbies.
"Well my mom doesn't have a job so I guess you could say being a ranch mom is right where she likes to be."

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