Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mom, you never told me...

Dear Mom,
It's always a fear for us to get to the end of our lives and to realize there was something important that we never said to the people we love. Well, there are many things you've never said to me and that's the reason for my letter today.
Mom, you never told me I was your princess. I never had a pink shirt that glittered with a big tiara so that everyone knew I should be treated special.
Mom, you never told me I'd never fail. In fact, I came up with numerous plans that couldn't ever work. Yet, you let me go through with them and fall flat on my face.
Mom, you never told me I needed to have good grades, be home by a certain time or hang out with specific people.
Mom, you never told me that marriage was going to be a struggle sometimes. You never told me about the tears I'd shed from the hurt that comes with trying to merge two lives into one or that my ideas and opinions would even be disregarded regularly.
Mom, you never told me that life is as hard as it is. You never told me about the hurt people dish out, the injustice our world see's as fair, the backstabbing, tongue lashing, pain-stricken mannerisms that nearly everyone takes part in.
And today mom, I want to thank you for not telling me.
Because you never told me I was your princess, I learned that I am no better than anyone else. I'm not entitled to anything. But because of the hard work and Christian morals you display, I know that if I work hard and treat people right, I'll be able to look myself in the mirror every night knowing that God has a powerful plan for little ol' me and, with His leadership, I'm doing my best to pursue that plan.
Because you never told me I wouldn't fail I tried a little bit of everything. Sure, I've fallen on my face more than once and I understand humiliation. But I sure did learn a lot from the things I got to try, mom. Plus you were always there to encourage me and help me to be imaginative and confident. It must have been mother's intuition that told you that I'd finally find something in which I was successful, and I did mom, thank you.
Because you never put perimeters on my grades, my friends or my curfew  more responsibility was put on me. I knew that my reputation was on the line and I could defend that by trying my hardest in school, surrounding myself with people who enriched my life and I usually made it home early enough mom, mostly because I knew I'd have to be up early to do the chores.
Because you never told me that marriage was a struggle I went into it with an eager heart to love and to be loved. An ambition to repair what would become broken and learn from my man who had great ideas and life experiences too. Mom, you didn't have to tell me that my ideas wouldn't always be paid attention to. I knew from watching you and dad that two minds are better than one. I knew from your sacrificial and humble ways that battles in a marriage should be rare and picked carefully.
Because you never told me that life is hard I was pretty naive right off. It didn't take too long to realize though that life really is a beautiful thing. You never did have to focus on all of the negative things this world has to offer mom because you were too busy serving others. There's not much that cooking a meal for a funeral, planning a party for a friend, or having a family over for dinner after Church doesn't cure. You've always been a giver mom no matter how little you had materialistically.
You see, I'm a better person today because all of the things you never told me. Your example sure has spoken to me! Oh and that one thing you were always sure to tell me, I'd like to tell to you too mom because it's absolutely true - I love you with all of my heart and to me, you're priceless.
Love always,
your little girl

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