Monday, May 20, 2013

cool wet weather

The lambs were chilled down, it took a whole day's ridin' to bring em all in.
The calves and cows are gathered but we'll have to put off their brandin'.
I guess the planters had to stop operation for a day or two. 
Even fence fixing can't be done right now, we'll just have to wait a few. 
The gardens and lawns won't be touched until things ease up some,
the sale barns will be empty so movin' old cows off won't get done.
This stallin' and shuttin' down of progress might seem like something to worry for,
but we've stopped working because it's raining, not only that it's pourin'!
Each drop that lands and sinks in the ground just serves as a reminder
that God knows what He's doing and each of our prayers He answers.
This winter sure was mild and the spring hasn't been much better
so now we can be plum thankful for these days of cool, wet weather.

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