Thursday, May 2, 2013

around the family table

Around the family table we bowed our heads to pray,
we talked about our dreams, our schedules and our day.
We argued about which one of us got to sit by dad and mom.
We giggled at jokes we'd made up, some about animals, some about blondes. 
Around the family table we grew more than we ever really knew.
We thought we were there for eating but it wasn't about the stew.
Taking time to listen and get rid of a load of stress can't just be done
in any kind of setting that allows the inclusion of everyone.
But at the family table we can unload and de-stress.
Sometimes it's real formal, till a spilled drink makes a mess.
Those times are the most fun, even though you try to keep a straight face,
someone begins to chuckle and laughter fills the whole place. 
Around the family table we learned manners and we learned them sternly.
Like always ask to be excused and try a bit of each dish even if it turns your tummy. 
We learned to be appreciative of those whose hands the meal was prepared,
but we also bowed our heads before the meal to thank our Father who cares.
Those sharp words from my parent's still ring in my mind,
"Clean your plate, eat your greens, don't gulp it-take your time!"
Around the family table things really have changed over all.
Covered with papers and bills, they're used on special occasions if used at all.
Remember the family tables that you grew up around or saw on the Brady Bunch,
and make time to sit your family there for breakfast, supper and lunch.  
- Trinity Lewis

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