Thursday, May 16, 2013

Armed Forces Day

I love my little lifestyle in my sleepy American town.
I decide which occupation I'd like and who I want to be around.
I travel as I wish, no one to check in with or be accountable to.
I'm mighty proud and thankful to live under these US skies of blue.
I've lived out on the prairie and there helped herd cows.
I've spent time in the city filled with scraper, building and house.
I've never met a foreigner who's understood freedom like we do.
I get to enjoy liberty because of the ol' red white and blue.
I exercise the right to vote and I'm excited to sit as a juror.
I exercise my right to free speech even of things I am unsure.
I go to Church on Sundays, my only fear in God.
I am so blessed to call my home this rich American sod.
I know it wasn't easy, to establish a nation so free, even rogue.
I'm thankful for those men who wrote our constitution in days of old.
I know it has to be defended and those are the people I thank today.
It must be hard but they act at ease when they march out in harms way.
So to all in our armed forces, in air, on land and at sea,
we thank you and owe you our all for keeping America safe and free.

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