Friday, April 26, 2013

Who's gonna fill their shoes?

Bumpin' down the dirt roads helpin' with chores on those winter mornings,
if the radio wasn't filled with  country music, it was with news and blizzard warnings. 
My dad always sang along with the songs, he'd use his twangiest country tone.
We loved the ones by Merle, Lefty, Johnny and Johnny and of course George Jones. 
Back then it didn't matter if the stories they told in their songs
were things we didn't agree with, those singers couldn't do much of anything wrong. 
As I've grown older my opinions have changed and I 'spose it'll continue that way.
There's no better time to walk down memory lane to songs like "He stopped lovin' her today."
I've never tried any powerful whiskey but I remember learnin' every word to "White lightening!"
"The race is on," "Radio Lover," and "Still doin' time" although they weren't the best lyrics they're sure fun to sing. 
With his passing an era has ended of numerous legends who brought country to the news. 
They've paved a road and all that they can trust is that someone will fill their shoes.  

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