Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I don't have cell service...

When I don't have cell service I'm usually bothered at all the things I'm missing.
There's emails, social media, number tracking and all of my meetings.
Lately I've realized that the things that life is all about
are best revealed in those moments when my phone is dead and the power is out.
In these times I remember what it's like to make a meal on the wood stove.
If warm outside I re-discover my appreciation for climbing trees out in the grove.
A good book or THE good book can be read in times like these.
I'm again reminded about the refreshing air carried by the breeze. 
Skipping stones, that's something that takes skill to be able to do
but it's something I overlook when too many calls are coming through.
I love the sunset and the sunrise and the grass caught by the breeze.
The newborn life of baby calves as they run together and play free.
When my phone doesn't have service I find more time to engage in conversation.
In these moments I learn my loved one's hopes, dreams, fun stories and aspirations.
The small thing's created to make our world tick and turn the way it does,
like photosynthesis, individuality of snow flakes and the beauty of white doves.
I take more time to be in tune with the clock that nature is run on.
I go to bed sooner, get more rest and am ready at the start of a new dawn.
Now I'm not saying there's no use for these powerful contraptions, 
I just hope I can sort the times I need them from allowing them to be a life distraction. 

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