Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things Sure Have Changed Around Here

He used to wake up before the sun and eat the breakfast prepared.
He'd sit around the table and tell his hands all that needed done out there.
He'd walk right to the mud room and with ease slip on his boots and gear.
But time's moved on like always and things sure have changed around here.

The shop used to be full of the hum of tractors and pickups being repaired,
zerks were greased and the welder ran to add extensions to fencing gear.
Now the shed is empty, there's hardly ever a soul that goes in there.
A heavy coat of dust has settled and thick cobwebs fill each corner.

His flock used to be the biggest, it covered a good chunk of land.
He and his wife raised cattle too, everyone knew him as a great hand. 
They brought up a herd of kids, each now successful with land of their own.
Even though there're grands and greats, he can't believe his kids are grown.  

His best horse is just a pet now, the kids know it should be put to rest.
But if his best pal goes on, they worry he'll no longer relent. 
He talks about days he once lived, only a few around can still remember.
The sheep have been sold now and the cows will ship off this October. 

His limber legs he traded in for stiff ones that are slow to move.
His cowboy boots were swapped for slip-on, Velcro tie shoes.
The hat he wore he still puts on when he goes out to check the small herd,
he circles them with the pickup, they've convinced him that messin' with horses is absurd.  

You could see things as pretty discouraging for this kid stuck in an 89 year old vessel,
But he knows the hope lying before him and, though he won't admit it he can be sure,
that the life he lived and clings on to, is a lifestyle instilled in many more.
All of his kids, their kids and theirs have been molded by this man who went before. 

His example is one of honor, never a bad word entered his vocab.
He's spent many nights being selfless, saving calves and lambs. 
He's offered everything he could even when there wasn't much to lend.
The legacy he's left will live on forever, even after he's rounded the last bend. 

-Trinity Lewis

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