Friday, April 12, 2013

The Trick

The fresh spring air upon us, the trees begin to bud.
The cows have done their calvin' so now they chew their cud. 
The sheep are gettin' sheered this weekend at the old corals
If there's a time to love new life, that time is right now. 
The sun has it's own bit of warmth as it ushers summer in.
But wait what're those clouds in the west? They're nothing close to thin. 
Now there's white stuff comin' down, we need the moisture but dang,
we thought that winter was over and now it's back again. 
So much for the green trees, the new grass and any flowers.
The time I'd love to spend plantin' I'll be spending keepin' the livestock in order. 
Back out with the carharts and muck boots, my scotch cap and gloves.
Sure more grass will grow after this but rain is what I was thinkin' of. 
Oh well, Lord thanks for the way that you always have of takin' care.
Your sense of humor is great. So as I trudge through the snow enjoy a chuckle up there. 

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