Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Bad Shot

Holidays in our family have taken on a whole new load of joy, nieces and nephews. I have 8 of them now and couldn't be more fond of any of them. This Easter went exactly how I expected. Most of my family gathered at my sisters we ate, played some guitar, ate, visited, played "ring around the rosy" and--for the day's main event--THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!
For some background on the Easter Bunny: Every year of our childhood, my dad would try to "shoot" the Easter bunny. We would hear the gun shot and see my dad running rapidly to try to catch the darn thing but he always seemed to miss.
My sister had told this story to her kids just to set the mood for our traditional Easter egg hunt. In response my 3 oldest nephews, who are the sons of a mighty hunter, replied "Maybe we should take Grandpa out to the shooting range and give him rabbit targets." My sister only laughed with them and knew on Easter day they'd get to see "grandpa" in action.
Easter afternoon the sun was shinning brightly and, except for some Wyoming wind, it was the perfect day for an egg hunt. The Easter bunny strategically hid eggs and after lunch Grandpa disappeared outside. Before we knew it shots were being fired and Grandpa ran past the window as fast as he could. All of the little kids started shouting with excitement and ran to the porch to get their coats, boots and baskets. Unfortunately, Grandpa came in and reported that, again, he missed the Easter bunny. Hearing that, my oldest nephew reasoned "I barely missed a duck with my bow and arrow how do you miss a rabbit with a rifle Grandpa?" The second oldest was ready to hunt eggs so he said, with the biggest grin "I hope Grandpa never learns to shoot good!" And the comments went on and on.
My poor dad didn't realize that he would be so criticized for such a fun tradition. Maybe next year he'll have to find a big stuffed bunny, paint blood on it, and "kill it" Easter day just to prove to all of his grandkids that he really is a good shot.
Until then, there is a great lesson here for us to remember. So many times we see things from our shoes. We are able to say how we would act in a situation and tare down the other people in our lives who may have acted in a way we didn't like. So many times though, if we could see things from their perspective we would be much more forgiving. Just like those wonderful nephews of ours will one day look back on Grandpa and realize that he's not a bad shot at all.    

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