Monday, April 15, 2013


Taxes must be paid when they're due
and I know this may bring pain to me and you
but I suppose the 15th isn't a day we should dread.
We'll be taxed now 'till the day we're dead. 
So accepting this fact must be done,
we haveta' look at the ways paying taxes is fun. 
When little, I loved to sign pretend checks
now I get to sign huge ones to the government. 
I get to visit with my lovely lady accountant.
She does her best to save us from money spent. 
We are supposed to love our enemies and pray for our prosecutors
so I guess it's biblical to pay taxes to Obama, the emperor. 
I get to provide food to those who need it and those who abuse the system.
Even if they haven't worked for it, food to them will come. 
My taxes give housing to those without jobs.
Admitted,some need these but others just join the mob. 
It's interesting how personal responsibility's been spent
from the lowliest of lows all the way up to the government. 
I know what you're thinking they're one in the same,
but we have to start thinking positive thoughts again.
We hard workin' folk don't have to cry because,
we make money for ourselves and the people around us.
So here's to the food stamps, WIC and low income housing.
Those who work for the government, you're welcome for your funding. 
Now back to the grind I'll go with a smile.
Till next April 15th, this money is mine for a while.  

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