Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Give Him the Reigns

I love spending time at my grandparent's house. Justin and I were there this weekend and in that time we got to do some fun things like clean sheds, ride on the drop bunch and feed. My grandparents have a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere, South Dakota. While riding out to move some horses, I remembered how frustrating some of their land really is. You see, it's full of bogs. They're not always easy to see and it never fails that at least once a year either Grandpa or a grandkid gets in a horse wreck because of these sticky spots in the pasture. One thing is for sure at the Miller Ranch- no limb is safe! 
It was my aunt and I pushing the horses and, as we guessed, there was a bog about half way across the pasture. We got the other horses to go through it but it was extremely deep for them so we figured we shouldn't make the ones so graciously carrying us cross it. We wandered in circles for quite some time trying to find a "good" place to cross but finally realized we were going to lose all of the ground we had gained if the horses we were pushing came back. Thus, we pointed our horses in the right direction and just gave them the reigns. In no time, they'd picked the perfect place to cross. Sure they sunk down a time or two but they found the best place to go!
I realized that so often in life I encounter a "bog" of some kind. Lately it's been tough life situations I thought I'd never have to face and some areas of growth that I'm still a midget in. Just like the bogs in Grandpa and Grandma's pasture, I go in circles trying to figure out the next step. But then I realize that I'm just a human. There's no way I'll ever be able to face these situations alone. These times, all of the time actually, we just need to give our Lord the reigns. He knew when we were born the kinds of things we'd have to face. He's prepared us for them in ways that we didn't ever realize but he's also left us in need just enough so we keep room for Him. When we yield to His plans and submit ourselves "a living sacrifice" he will lead us through the darkest valleys and the stickiest of bogs. 

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