Friday, April 19, 2013


With spring on it's way, and with that warm weather I'm hoping, I can't help but think of all of the fun outdoors that is just ahead. One big part to my springs and summers has always been rocks. Whether it is finding a fun rock to skip, big rocks to build a "bridge" across our creek with, or more rocks for my rock collection (these were all scoria and shale but my parents loved me too much to tell me that my rock collection had no real worth!) I have always been fascinated with them. Today though, I'd like to consider which kind of rock we act as in life.
During Biblical times, it was common that if someone was caught doing an unacceptable deed they would be taken out and stoned. Sometimes I think we allow ourselves to be stones thrown at others. (No, we aren't being picked up and launched across the room, although that would be entertaining!) When we do things like spread rumors, think in hostile ways toward others or even if we do something as simple as refusing to stand up for someone when their character is being questioned. Just like those Biblical stories where people died from stones being thrown at them, when we allow ourselves to be used as stones against the people in our lives we slowly allow their self worth to die. One small stone at a time.
We can serve as stumbling blocks. I like to think that I don't have that much influence on anyone so my actions don't really dictate how they will act. Think to a time in your life when you were faced with a difficult decision. There may have been something that you really wanted to take part in but you knew it wasn't the best kind of activity. In times like these I've allowed myself to think of someone I respect who allowed this sort of activity into their life. Well, I respect them and they did it so I'm sure it won't hurt anything if I do it too. You see, every decision we make is being watched by others, even though that's hard for us to believe! We can never know which wrong decision we endorse might serve as a stumbling block to someone else.
Don't get bogged down thinking that being a "rock" in someone's life is all bad. We can serve as stepping stones. Take note that stepping stones are individual. You don't have to take the responsibility upon yourself to be the whole set of stairs for someone, just one step! These steps might be simply encouraging words, a smile, helping someone financially or offering to do a favor for them. I know I've had people in my life who helped me to reach the next level and most of them did it by simply believing in me!
Finally, we hear about God being the cornerstone in our life. He is! However, we can help by being the cornerstone for people to lean on in the day to day situations they encounter. A cornerstone, according to the dictionary, is:
1. A stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.
2. An important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.
When we can help to bring cohesiveness to a situation, we are acting as a cornerstone. Sometimes coming together can take people miles farther than everyone trying to get through life's scenarios alone. We can also act as a cornerstone by being dependable. I'm convinced that our world is becoming one where people are not held accountable. No one has to be dependable so many people are not. Sadly, these types of people are stumbling blocks. When you hold true to integrity, talk the talk and walk the walk, you are being dependable and serving as a cornerstone.
Today, decide for yourself which kind of rock you'd like to be. No matter how long it takes for the weather to warm up, I'm excited to see the personal growth that we can experience from the lessons learned from rocks!    

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