Friday, April 5, 2013

Is turkey more healthy than beef?

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, like I have, that lately there has been a very wide spread new publicity for ground turkey vs. ground beef. I couldn’t possibly think that this would be due to quote “humane treatment” of either one. When you consider the conditions farm raised turkeys endure vs. cattle, I’d choose cattle. Even though both are treated with absolute care and are great sources of nutrition.

Some may assume that poultry, and ground turkey, is lower in fat than beef, the nutrition in ground beef and ground turkey are not drastically different. In fact, according to family practice physician Kristie Leong of, ground turkey can be less healthy than ground beef. Since both types of meat are available in lower-fat varieties, the most significant difference is taste.

Ground beef does have traces of more vitamins than ground turkey.
Ground beef is also high in minerals, with larger amounts of iron, potassium and fluoride. There’s a nutrient in meat that can help you live longer, and you can’t get it from any other food source. It’s an amino acid called L-carnosine. Your body uses L-carnosine to repair tissues and clear away toxins. But here’s something else it can do. It helps preserve your telomeres – the tiny “time clocks” in your cells. By doing this, it extends the life cycle of your cells. In other words, it can help you age better.

So, keep in mind, if everyone else is doing it, that’s usually the first indication that you should think twice before jumping on the bandwagon.

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