Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma (Roy and Jackie) Holland!

They met while going to college, he fit in and knew he was meant to be. 
She wasn't supposed to be there, women in ag was still a subject quite shaky. 
Like always, God had a plan so much bigger than even the smartest professor.
During their time there, they fell in love and felt led to be together. 
But He had obligations when the war time rolled around,
so he headed off with the Navy and kissed goodbye to the dry ground. 
In the years that followed they married and collected kids, some biologically their own,
and some from other families whom they gave the best loving home. 
From the big ranch in Dos Cabezas, where great hereford lines began,
to the farm in Chino Valley where they grew food and family on fertile land. 
Today marks the anniversary of their marriage of 64 years.
They've had some wonderful times but there's also been some tears. 
Not everything's been rosy and I'm sure there were times it'd been easy to quit.
But Grandpa and Grandma are tough folks and with God they withstood the storms and wind. 
The biggest blessing that's poured from their love, at least that we kids benefit,
is learning how to be affectionate toward the other one and include God in all of it.  
People at Church hold them in the highest regards, they are leaders in every way.
But at home Grandpa and Grandma are the same people they were on Sunday. 
They always reach out to others, no matter the situation.
They work to inform all on policies detrimental to our nation. 
Grandpa and Grandma thank you for your love and all of the lessons you've taught. 
64 years, what a legacy, one that will never be forgot. 

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