Monday, April 29, 2013

Growers vs. Greenies

Ranchers grow cattle to feed the world some have sheep and chickens too.
Farmers grow corn and soybeans and wheat, gosh it'd take all day to say all they do.
So "growers" are what they're known as in both cities and in town.
There's a group who likes to gently, and sometimes, harshly put growers down.
You see, they're the greenies, no not all of them are so bad.
It's just they don't always see all the good done by those in overalls clad.
The greenies have a campaign that has merit there's no doubt.
They don't understand though that conservation is what our usage of the land is all about.
To them, tilling up the soil, or turning livestock on the grass to feed,
is simply a selfish way to "ruin the ground." Thus it showcases the grower's greed.
The truth of the matter, we must explain to those who just don't know any better.
The land that we irrigate, and manage with livestock is treasured even in bad weather.
Growers have turned land that was worthless into black soiled fields full of food.
They've taken meat and enhanced it to an efficient and palatable source of protein for the world.
Recycle? Yes growers do that too in ways you might not think able.
They turn grass into meat, soil into beets and convert sunshine to a meal on the table.
Manure that adds to the "carbon footprint" well that's nothing that should bring you worry.
That is used best when on the field spread, helping crops to grow in a hurry.
The next time you hear our industry, being attacked or being put down,
think back to growers vs. greenies, and explain to our friends the truth to be found!

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