Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Endangered Species List

On the endangered species list are things like the Preble's meadow jumping mouse,
the bald eagle, humpback chub and the greenback cutthroat trout. 
It's debatable if these should even be worried about at all,
when I think of endangered species these are some of the last that come to call. 
You see there's a group of people, the last of a dying breed,
who understand they're not entitled and don't live lives of greed. 
They're slow to become angry and the first to lend a helping hand. 
They are excited for you when things are good and they encourage when things are bad. 
They get up before the rooster crows but don't go to bed 'till the work is through.
They're serious about working hard, but they're kind hearted too. 
This group isn't falling away because of poachers or evolving habitat.
They're disappearing quickly because we've lost focus of where our priorities are at. 
We feel like we can speak our mind and no one deserves our respect.
Our opinions are the only ones that matter and everyone must be subject
to our feelings and our hopes and dreams, it's called being tolerant by golly!
But if told that we must tolerate too, we aren't quite so jolly. 

We now think people owe us for things we've never even done.
If we're in a tiny minority we assume everything should change for us, even the rotation of the sun. 
We no longer see things factually, we let feelings run our lives.
No wonder personalities are more powerful than ever, causing many not to jive. 
Keep in mind endangered species lists are different in every area and region.
So make sure the list in your life is short and doesn't change with each season. 
Hold tight to the virtues of honesty, hard work and conviction. 
Your faith and drive and integrity can guide you through any situation. 
Like the dying breed, be slow to make assumptions and to lose your temper.
When cool, calm and collected, better decisions are made, for sure. 
Others may tell you this is all wrong and you're entitled to your own position. 
When you hear this see which category they fall into and then make your own decision. 
As for me I wish to join that group that is a dwindling few. 
The strait and narrow is not traveled by many but I hope to be one of those who do.
- Trinity Lewis

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