Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

"Earth day, what's that?" you ask. Well I had a similar reaction. 
According to the greenies it's a day to focus on environmental protection.
'Course I'm all about the land, made a living on it all my life.
So did my dad, his dad before him, my great grandpa and his wife. 
Why then, must we hear the hubbub and the clatter
from all of these people about preservation when they see no matter
with ruining good alfalfa fields and filling them with houses?
Or chopping up grass prairies to plant fancier homes for their spouses?
It's been engraved into those of us farming and ranching, since the dawn of time
to be the best stewards of the land because we know it isn't yours or mine.
It's in our hands for a short bit now and we can do our best to improve the property.
We need to use the best management practices in order that we maintain sustainability. 
This I know you understand, I sure don't mean to preach to the choir. 
I'm frustrated, that's all, that our kind of folk are under fire. 
It seems the earth is worshiped by those people who are all nat-u-ral.
They think we hurt it by using the grass for feed for our sheep and cows. 
Often times we've been accused of hurting the native by planting new.
If only we could get people to understand that they benefit by that food we grew. 
I guess my last bit of soapbox speech is this and then I'll be all done,
let's use what God has given us to benefit and worship Him not the earth or the sun.  
- Trinity Lewis

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