Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dirty Dish Cloths

Maybe it's a female thing but I feel like one of the biggest battles I fight during the day is my battle with dirty dish cloths. The problem is that I grab a fresh one out of the drawer, use it for a few dishes and to clean my counters and then the rag is stinky. After the next meal I try a different method. I use a clean cloth for the dishes and another one to wipe everything down. To no avail though, these rags still get a rank smell after being around the sink only a short time. It's not like it's a stench that one walks past and passes out from. Rather, you have to hold them up to your nose and really survey them. Nevertheless, I continue to fight this trivial fight. 
There are times in my life when I act like a stinky rag. When I begin to feel bitter about a person or a situation I begin to "stink." I don't necessarily smell bad but when bitterness is boiling inside of me, I begin to emit an aura that isn't a good one. Maybe it's not bitterness for everyone. It could be worry, mistrust or a completely different area that festers your heart enough to turn you sour. Maybe this issue isn't one that is obvious to everyone so we might have to really survey our lives before we dub ourselves without stink. 
With rags it's simple to clean them up and get rid of the smell, you just throw them in the washing machine. But how do we get rid of bad feelings we've harbored? If another person is involved, going to them is going to be one of the best first steps. If it's not a human to human issue, it's probably best that we take it to God. When we cast our cares upon Him, he takes them and gives us divine peace. 

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