Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dark World

I see the hurt in our world and disaster like never before.
People living in a way full of stress, heartbreak by the score. 
A sick and lying government that's stuck in an immovable rut.
It's easy to think about all of the bad things and get sick from the heart to the gut.
The truth of it is the world may be darker than it was in years past.
I'd like to think things will get better and all of this destruction can't last. 
There's a new way I've learned to look at this, from a whole new point of view.
See, when we live for God, he lights a fire in me and you.
Not the kind of fire that burns or flickers or blinds,
but the kind of light that tells others "I'm different on the inside."
This fire is warm and welcoming for those so cold and in pain.
It helps to pick them up and get them on a positive path again. 
When we know "The Light" we know He who gives us hope.
So should we be in tears about our world and system that's broke?
We should feel compassion and sympathy for a wandering generation.
But think about how advanced our lights will be when the entire nation
grows darker and darker, a deeper black allows a brighter light.
This way there's no denying when we are living for God day and night. 
So do all you can to light your world and remember if things don't get better,
God has a plan and is shining through you. By His power alone there's hope for the future. 

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