Thursday, April 4, 2013

America the Wonderful

There are times, and I have to admit that they're not irregular, when I feel like America isn't the America we used to know. I get very discussed at all of the perverse things our nation is going through and struggle to 

respect those in our leadership at times. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way many of you are nodding your heads as I speak. But when I get frustrated, I have to remember that there are many wonderful things that America has to offer and many other things in which the US leads the world. People degrade our nation so much these days, pointing out flaws and issues, that I think we begin to forget all of her wonderful qualities. Even though we can remember times that more freedom was allowed, we still are the most free people in the world. Although we hear monstrous amounts of information about the poverty rate in America, our poverty rate is actually nothing near most other countries. We are the believers and leaders in free enterprise, even though life for small business people is becoming harder each day. We are people who can be vocal about our beliefs, we just have to have tough enough skin to take heat from those who disagree with us. And we have a history founded on faith. A Christian faith that is more freedom giving than any other belief system.
Recently, Gallup surveyed more than 500,000 people in 154 countries and projected that 13% of the worlds 630 million people, would permanently relocate if given the chance. Here are their top destinations.
138 Million would move to the US
42 Million to the UK
37 Million to Canada (that was probably mainly Americans after the November election)
31 Million to France and
29 Million people would relocate to Saudi Arabia if given the chance.
Please note that more than anywhere, people would prefer to live in our country. They see her beauty, her benefits and all of the God given blessings we have. So the next time you feel down on America, look at other countries and I think you'll agree that we really are in the best country on earth.

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