Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wyoming in the spring!

The sun creeps up over the Black Hills and shines on the prairie sea.
When the calendar turns and spring rolls around Wyoming is the best place to be.
The days are filled with fresh spring air and the water starts to flow
from the peaks of the Tetons and Big Horns to all of the valleys and creeks below.
Checkin' heifers and pullin' lambs are a regularity this time of year.
Never has a stone faced rancher smiled so sincere.
Calves are born and lambs are new and bawlin' at their ma.
The cold and emptiness of winter washes away with the snowbank's thaw.
Meadowlarks start their chirpin' and you can't help but notice the hawk sailin' by.
The sky is blue without a cloud and you hear a bald eagle's cry.
The hen house is busy with chicks hatchin' and brood hens doin' their job.
Kids run real fast and bullfrogs, they catch em' just to return them to the pond.
The red rock is never redder, the gumbo never more pliable.
The seeds are taken out for plantin' so there'll always be food on the table.
Farm land isn't extremely abundant, but even less are Wyoming cities.
For those of us born and raised here, that's the way we like it to be.
The coyotes sing in the evening a tune to this new season that's come.
If you listen real close and know what to hear the crickets will chirp in melodious hum.
To long country roads that seem to have nothing but more crested wheat grass and hills.
To the life that we live because we are here enjoying all of Wyoming's thrills.
To Devil's Tower and the great basins, the flat land and geysers,
This land is your land and this land is mine, either way it's God's country for sure.

- Trinity Lewis

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