Friday, March 8, 2013

What is a legend?

Whenever someone passes on, like Chris LeDoux did a few years ago,
people say they've left a legacy and they were a legend but how do you know?
And if a legacy is something that we want to leave behind
what do we need to do today to count for our life up in the sky. 
Is it the people we know and the nice things we say even some that aren't true?
Is it the way we tell people all that we think even though they didn't ask us to?
Is it getting up early and having a workout regimen, never getting overweight?
Is it taking time to indulge in things and less time wasting to concentrate?
Is it getting into touch with nature, or experiencing big city life?
Is it going along with the flow, or standing up and causing strife? 
If these are the questions we're asking, I'm sure everyone has their own thoughts.
If we do them without direction from the right place I'm afraid we will be come lost.  
So think of those people you admire and their legacy that still remains.
Figure out the things that they did right, and then just do the same. 
This task is much easier said than done, I know for sure that is true.
But praying to God for direction is the most faultless thing one can do. 

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