Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memories Can't Be Measured

This weekend I was at my old stompin' grounds
 havin' fun and just hangin' around.
I began to realize how much I really miss that place.

I thought about all the good times we had
the laughter, new friends, all of that
and everything brought a big grin to my face.

That place was special, that's sure true
but if we went back now it would all be new
and there's no way it would ever be the same.

Those buildings are still there, standing strong,
but the people have mostly moved on
yet memories aren't all that we gained.

There we made some life long buds.
We understand each other's lifestyles because
all of us were brought up similarly.

 A building or area doesn't hold much value
unless people are there who show us the true
meaning of friendship and even become more than that, family.

There are people now from that time
that are no longer with us and it'd be easy to cry
but moments like this we have to understand.

It's not the places that make memories,
it's not the towns, or the cities
but the people who we shared our time with in that land.

So it's good to remember all of the fun
the cold winter wind and fishin' in the sun
and to remember each friendship there we get to treasure.

Then we need to thank our God
for all the friends still on earth's sod
and spend time with them because memories can't be measured.

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