Wednesday, March 20, 2013

thank you aggies!

This week is national agriculture week. Just like we should call veterans on veterans day, I'm a firm believer that each of us should call at least one aggie for national ag week. Few can understand what it takes to nurture the land and livestock in rich husbandry in order to feed us and the entire planet until you've actually lived that life for yourself, taken on the toils that come with this job that is so much more than a job, it's a lifestyle. There's no clocking in because then there would be the option of clocking out and when feeding the world is the task at hand, you don't dare ever take a day off. From the dawning of the sun to rising of the moon and often times even later than that, you can bet that the farmers and ranchers in our life are out working hard, without complaint, to pull calves, bum lambs, fix water lines, carry irrigation pipe, mow, hoe, plant, harvest and the list goes on. Not only are agriculturists those who produce livestock and crops, they are the people who help in the packing and assembling, the marketing and selling and the education and communication sector telling the world about the heroes that our farmers and ranchers are. A group that is small but mighty, few on words and abundant on actions, practical in every way, common sense and divine instinct as their guides. Never slowing down but continually progressing so that their pastures, our plates, the school house, Church, community hall, and local businesses are ever being improved, they are our farmers and ranchers and today, this week and many times year round, we say thank you!

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