Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank God for Good Dads

He's the man who knew from day one 
all the great things that you'd get done.
He knew the way he treated his girl
would determine how you treated the world. 
He knew that tender love and care
would be important to offer when the world wasn't fair. 
He loved your mama and showed you the way
a man who loved you should treat you someday. 
He threw you a ball and taught you to bat
and allowed you to sit upon his lap.
He taught you about his trade and things
that make you look forward to summer and spring. 
He showed you how to shoot a gun
for protection and food and also for fun. 
There were one or two times he tried to braid you hair
and those were the times it was good to have mom there. 
He helped you to learn the colors of the rainbow
it was fun in the old pickup when fast he'd go. 
He helped you study for the spelling bee 
but didn't mind when you lost in round three. 
He tried his best to make you a tom boy,
when you turned into a lady he beamed with joy. 
When the man finally came that was your other half,
though he was ever so excited he had to look past
your eyes as to keep from making contact for fear
that a good look from you would bring him to tears. 
He's the only man who will always see as a three year old,
and he'll tell the whole world about your heart of gold. 
Never take him for granted or wish him away,
not everyone has a good dad who've treated them this way. 
So today take a moment to say a sweet prayer 
and thank God for good dad's because they're just too rare.
- Trinity Lewis

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