Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Stop waiting for a leader!

I heard a quote tonight at a really amazing speaking event. Thank you Chrissy for your inspiration.
"Do not wait for leaders; Do it alone. Person to person." - Mother Teresa 
How often in our Christian walk do we wait for leaders to talk to other people about the path we've embarked on? We'd love to have a perfect America. One where parents still raise their kids instead of allowing the public school system to do it. One where people don't drink their lives away. A world where people have hard work ethic and would never allow themselves to depend solely on government assistance. A world where girls wait until their prince in shining armor comes riding in instead of choosing the, often, poverty stricken life of struggle - premarital pregnancy.  But how do we expect to get our America back to this place? Back to the Christian roots that our founding fathers intended. Back to fiscal and social responsibility. Back to a time when life was absolutely sacred. Back to big dinner tables surrounded by neighbors and families that loved each other. 
We could depend on our politicians to return us to this place that seems more like a dream than our USA in a history book. But leaving that responsibility on them is like leaving milk cows to lay eggs- it's not their job. We could depend on heads of the Christian community to take up this task. That is closer to being on target. However, it is still like asking that same milk cow to provide milk to the whole world-that's impossible. 
We have to stop and realize that the task is in our hands. God gave each of us a testimony. Our walk with Him. Some of us have had easy walks. We were raised in Christian homes, surrounded by Christians, saturated in scripture and schooled in seminaries. There are others of us who have walked down much harder paths. Grown up in homes of abuse, lost with no hope and left to try to survive in a very cold and cruel world. Whether it is one of these stories or one in between God has given you these experiences for a reason. When we take our story of faith, our love for Christ and His character, and we tell others about it, we are one step closer to gaining back the world we once knew. The answer to all of our questions is Christ. Today I pray that each of us will evaluate our lives. What has God done in my life to allow me to have a story to tell? What specific destiny was I created for? When we learn these things, even if they are small things, and we act on them, we are yielding the Holy Spirit. We are allowing Him to enter our world and move it and shape it into something revolutionary. Remember you don't have to be the next Billy Graham or Dr. Dobson. Don't limit yourself though, you might be! Just reach out to the people in your life. One person at a time. 

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  1. Amen! If each Christian did 'their part' we could change the world in no time. In fact, if we were all doing our part... our world wouldn't be in the condition it is in the first place. :)