Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Just Look Up

This weekend we were blessed to have two of our nephews come visit. We got to watch monster trucks and go swimming but one of the mornings 5 year old Carter and I went to the park. Our adventure in the park couldn't be as simple as climbing up the equipment, sliding down the slides and swinging. We had to be more creative and adventurous. Thus we played great game of sharks and ships. The sand on the ground was the ocean full of sharks and the equipment was the ship where we would be safe.
We had a whole lot of fun running as quickly as possible through "the ocean" and sailing quickly away from the sharks after we'd tricked them. One time though, we had to climb a big rope net to get onto the "ship" and away from the sharks. I beat Carter up the net and as I waited for him, I reached down to grab his hand so he could get to the safe ship much faster and easier. The only problem was, Carter never looked up, he was too busy struggling on the net trying to get up by his own accord.
How many times do we do this in our lives? We get all caught up on an issue we're faced with or a tough situation we are in the middle of and we never take time to just look up to God. He's always offering a helping hand, guidance and divine peace but if we don't look up, we'll never see his hand reaching down to us.
A very simple lesson learned in a very simple way but one that we can apply each and every day.

Lord, today help each of us to look to you when we're in trouble. We know that through you, our lives can be much simpler and our struggles far less. Please help us to bow before you in the hard times but in the good times too and to thank you for the many miracles you've performed in our lives. Today I'll be looking up Lord, but please help me to remember to do this all of the time. Amen

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