Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama should try ranching...

What happened to the old days when adults were in DC?
When people had to act worthy to be elected to lead our country.
Just when we think things will be okay,
our lovely administration throws another disaster our way. 
If there's not a cliff, there's a sequester or a low hung debt ceiling.
Each of these have been blown out of proportion and here's the thing:
On our ranches and in our private lives
we have to live in a way completely void of lies.
If we panic about things that are coming up soon
others begin to take us for fanatic loons. 
If we don't balance our checkbook and keep a good budget,
we run out of money and at the banks we lose credit.
For the responsible population who tries to make it on their own,
without leaning on welfare and other programs Obama wants us on,
we get punished too often for trying to do things the right way
and I guess that's the reason I'm on my soap box today.  
Maybe Obama should try to run a small business or ranch. 
One where he's the head, no security from having another branch. 
We'd make sure he knew his money from this fall's calves,
is the main profit all year that he's gonna have.
He'd have to learn to be broke but still be able to afford
feed for the whole winter and a place to room and board. 
He'd have to figure out how to fix things for himself,
he could, on occasion, call his neighbor for help.
But only if he treated his neighbor the right way before. 
I can just see him trying to fix pickups and do all of the chores. 
He'd have to find a way to defend his livestock out in the country.
We use guns to kill varmints but he'd think that would take his dignity.
And how about vettin' and taking care of sick calves?
Sadly for him there'd be no government funded program for that. 
He'd have to buy his own shots and administer vaccine too. 
When it came to hayin' season I'm worried he wouldn't know the first step to do. 
He's never been the kind of person who likes to work hard and save for the next season. 
The lifestyle it takes to run a ranch might finally reveal this man of treason. 
The best part about it is that once he's been discovered,
there'd be no media out on the plains to make things better with their coverage. 
 So Mr. Obama, in the most respectful way,
I'd like to invite you to our Wyoming ranch today. 
While you're busy trying to figure things out there,
I'll be in the oval office sitting in your chair. 
Don't worry, I'll get things in order you just wait and see.
And the day the President learned a lesson from ranchers will go down in history. 
-Trinity Lewis

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