Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Holiday Hubbub

Today I walked into the big box store to find myself a cross. 
I was in dire need of some decor, for Easter is nearly upon us.
I looked in the Easter section first, it made sense that they'd be there.
When they weren't I looked in home decor and then in despair,
I asked one of the ladies who worked there and looked smart.
She looked at me as if I was crazy "No crosses are in this part." 
She wasn't sure why I needed them and when I told it to her in full.
She said this wasn't the kind of store to ever carry those. 
But wait, don't you have an entire Easter section, 3 if I count right. 
There's one with all the candy, one with floral, cards and baskets of every size. 
And then there's one full of bunnies and eggs and fake greenery.
Yet, none had room for the real meaning, crosses in groups of three. 
I left the store in a huff and my head began to spin.
How do we expect God to help us if we won't even acknowledged Him?
No, the important thing about Easter, isn't the cross on which He died.
It is, however, all about Him raising from the dead and being alive. 
How did these annual celebrations, formerly known as Holy Days,
get so consumed by commercialism and turn into holidays? 
With the symbol of Christmas a bottle and Easter a pretty egg,
July 4th simply a birthday party and St. Patty's day's a keg.
When will we stop and take some time to remember why we do what we do?
We can start at home by thanking our Lord, for saving me and you.
We can teach our kids, and learn for ourselves, the history that allows
for us to have the lifestyle we love, the one events past made possible now.  
- Trinity Lewis

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