Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grandpa's Lap

If there's a place I love to be it's on Grandpa's lap,
I climb on up and sit with him and we always share a laugh. 
On Grandpa's lap nobody can say an unsettling word.
And there on Grandpa's lap the world isn't so absurd.
On Grandpa's lap stories are told of cowboys, cops and cows. 
On Grandpa's lap it's easy to see the wrinkles in his brow.
And if you ask Grandpa how those wrinkles got engraved there,
he might not say it but one day you'll know it's because he shows so much love and care .
Sitting on Grandpa's lap there's lots that can be learned. 
Like a living can't come for free it has to be earned.
Things like doing your chores and being on time are important to always do.
And quitting is a no-no even though it's sometimes the easiest for me and you. 
On Grandpa's lap we learn so much because grandpa knows it all. 
Grandpa is slow to anger and is in tune with his master's call. 
On Grandpa's lap there's security, there's nothing that isn't safe.
On Grandpa's lap I learned "This Old House" and "Amazing Grace."
Grandpa is pretty silly sometimes but these times are some of the best. 
I just hope that when I grow too big for Grandpa's lap, I remember how blessed
I am to have a man like him to spend time with when I can.
Grandpa's wipe tears, hush fears and are always your biggest fan. 

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