Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday is remembered as the day that Jesus, God's only son, gave His life on the cross. This isn't the part of Easter that we focus on, we need to focus on the fact that He rose from the dead. That's the important part. But what is important is that the sacred, sin free being was willing to take on the sins of all of us, give His life, so that we no longer are stuck in the bondage of sin and law but can have the freedom of life and eternity in heaven. This is the most important holiday we celebrate all year long. We might not guess that because there's no Easter season, well known Easter feast, Easter parade and we don't trick-or-treat on Easter. But it is a time to celebrate that we don't just have the opportunity to have life but we have the chance to have life to the fullest as long as our faith is in He who matters.  

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