Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My big brother is a strong ranch kid who has always worked very hard.
No matter who he see's he's kind and gives them a chance to be his pard.
He's grown up to be a gentlemen and a great husband to his new wife.
But there was a time when my big brother caused us girls so much strife. 
He's always been a good fence builder so that was always his job.
But getting a gate opened that he built took the strength of a mob.
Five people to push and four more to pull. 
One things for sure, nothing ever was dull. 
But who has a mob with them while they're doing a regular day's ranchin'?
Not us so we'd have to get him to help open the gate and lend us a hand. 
We can laugh about it now because those days are in the past
but because of the gates he built, I've learned a lesson that lasts. 
How many times in our lives do we allow ourselves to build
a gate around our heart, a tight one that won't yield
to the ushering of others into our lives?
Do we look at them sternly, no compassion in our eyes?
You see building a fence and keeping the bad out
is completely fine, that's what discernment is about. 
But we were put on this earth to love others and reach out to them.
We might reach to the wrong people and then our fence we mend. 
The key to this issue is one that's simple to say and harder to do,
we have to have gates that open and allow other lives to come through. 
Other people who we can care for and help along the way,
so that they ride with us and we with them through the good and bad days. 
- Trinity Lewis

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