Friday, March 1, 2013

Do your stirrups need adjusted?

When people go out ridin' and if their stirrups they don't adjust,
by the time they reach their trails end, they really could be in a fuss.
Maybe the stirrups are longer than what they really should be
and any of the support is just your bum rubbin' on the tree.
There are those whose stirrups are too short like those racin' jocks.
When this is the case they get off the horse and find their knees are locked.
An old cowboy doesn't have these problems, he's spent many days on his hoss.
Although he'd help I'm sure he probably chuckles at he who forgot.
The old cowboy hasn't adjusted his saddle since the day he first rode the thing.
When using a saddle on a regular bases there is no need for adjusting.
It's kind of like life you know, when we go at things our own way.
We get frustrated when nothing's been accomplished after another day.
Why can't I get this figured out? What's my purpose on this earth?
God knows the plan he has for us, he knew before our birth.
But just like the saddle, if we don't take time to adjust and make sure things are right,
if we don't dedicate our day to God, we'll be in the same predicament that night.
Like the old cowboy there are those who go to God with each problem they face.
He helps them and guides them along. When they stumble he offers grace.
So if your life is one, where the stirrups are too long or maybe too short,
go strait to God and to His message. And His plan don't try to distort.
For if in God we put our trust, and allow Him to shape and mend,
we won't be sore and we'll feel fulfilled when we reach our trails end.
- Trinity Lewis

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