Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A day in America

The day starts out bright and fresh
those taking part know they're blessed.
They're ready to open their store front doors.
They tidy displays and sweep the floors.
Businesses run by families and some friends.
The sign's been turned and the day begins. 
Meanwhile down at the school house stands
a generation of kids, their hearts covered with their hand
as they say allegiance to the country's banner.
Standing straight and tall in a passionate manner. 
And in the courthouse the constitution is being guarded,
lest wavering souls sneak mandates in and misinterpret it. 
At the cop shop the law is talking about their day,
after a long night of keeping order and civility. 
And the feed store isn't a slow place at all,
everyone's getting ready for the oncoming fall. 
The beauty shop has ladies of every shape and size,
some getting their hair done, others their lips and eyes.
On Sunday though, the place will be closed down
and even the country folks will all head to town
for the meeting that happens at the start of each week. 
When all come and their Father's will seek. 
This is the America that once was known.
It hurts to see the devistation that's grown
as we began to let slip the morals once held dear.
It seems to get gradually worse each year. 
We aren't to be discouraged but to live each day
doing what we mean and meaning what we say. 
Taking our values and putting them first
so that one day when we're pulled away in a hearse
we'll be able to say we did all we could
and He'll nod and said we did very good. 

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