Tuesday, February 12, 2013

we had more when we had less

It's been said that less is more, and I believe this is absolutely true. Look at our country, for instance. We used to have more, that was when we had much less than we now do. We had less media coverage on all topics. Why, the word on the street, Church prayer chain, local radio and weekly paper gave us everything we ever needed to know. Now the "news reporters" are much more like news makers. If the story isn't juicy enough, they make it that way. Assumptions are a regularity and woven into these highly saturated lies are bits of truths so that nothing is all wrong. When we had less concern about people's feelings, we had more confidence in the things we were able to do. We understood what was right and wrong, without having to worry about minorities, special interest groups and political correctness. Before we had a "work station specialist" we were able to get a lot more work done in more efficient time. Because we knew that the harder we worked the luckier we got. When we didn't have toys of every color and fashion, we knew how to make our own fun. Mud pies were a favorite, but then so was building tree forts out in the woods and going swimming in the closest pond. When there were less venues to entertain our minds and imagine for us, we actually used our imaginations. We could think of stories on our own, build dreams just though divine inspiration and entertain ourselves with games we'd made up.When we were less concerned with micro managing every little bit of business, even those who seemed the most incapable stood a chance at creating their own business through the means of free enterprise. When regulations were less, small business of a higher quality, was more. If people were dissatisfied with the business they no longer used it and so the business owner improved his business or he closed the doors and tried again to learn how to better satisfy customers. When we were still unable to fly on airplanes, unless of course we had extra money or an extra important task to pursue, we had more respect for pilots and other patrons on airplanes so we wore our nicest suits and finest dresses to impress. When we had less nightly entertainment, when concerts were unheard of, TV theaters had not been invented and places offering to take your children for a spell so you and your spouse could have a night on the town were called Grandmas, we had more neighboring. We had more gathering of families to play together and more coffee and pie was exchanged. People went to places like Church, the sale-barn, the city hall and the hairdressers just so that they might visit with others like themselves. When we had less organized social services, the Church took it upon themselves to visit and care for the sick, watching out for widows and orphans. People from the congregation weren't worried about taking in strangers to live among them for a month or two. When we had less processed food, we had more creative minds. Mother knew that she had to labor hard all day to keep her family fed. She kept a garden in the summer and canned in the fall and the rewards of her labor came through slurping, chewing and burping and a blessing said before every meal. When we weren't so worried about empowering women and allowing men to free their feelings, men actually acted like men. They were strong and powerful, leaders and the breadwinners. No, women weren't trapped at home sweeping the floor and doing the dusting we were just aware of the mothering nature God blessed us with and making sure our children were nurtured and care for was our top priority. When we had less religious tolerance, when we realized that there was only 1 God we had more devout convictions. People familiarized themselves with Christian principles and did their best to fashion their lives after them. When we had fewer options for communication we had much more communication. It's been proven that communication is 90% spoken through body and facial expression. A text, email or tweet can be taken in multiple ways but a hard glare, deep laugh or bright eyed smile have an unmistakable interpretation. We're trapped in a world that says we need more of this and that and this and that and all of a sudden we find ourselves trapped in a land of so much material good that we feel as if we no longer have anything. So I challenge you to look at your life and ask, do I have more so that I have less or have I chosen to have less giving me a life that offers much more?

- Trinity Lewis

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