Thursday, February 14, 2013

to my valentine

Roses are pink and violets are purple
I love the way you slurp your surple,
Your hat sits crookedly upon your head
but to you valentine it must be said
that you're my favoritist person around.
Love I've sought elsewhere but your's is the best found.
You work so hard from daylight till dusk
tryin' to make the best of life for us.
Kid's with you will soon be had
and I know already, you'll be a great dad.
You chew food louder than I wish you did,
I try to keep your silly habits hid
from my family and all of our  friends.
You drive the car too fast round the bends
and you walk on my clean floors with dirty shoes
but none of these things could give me the blues
'cuz it's all those idiosyncrasies that make you unique
and for that reason I love you and I could never seek
love from any other person or faucet or sector
'cuz in my opinion, Valentine, you're a mighty fine sir!

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