Friday, February 22, 2013

the things my mama said

It is easy for the vast majority of us to think of our moms and smile at her silly idiosyncrasies and words of wisdom that shaped our childhood and now our life. There are some things that our moms have said to us so many times that we can predict what will come out of their mouth before they even open it.
Like most moms my mom always said "You look very nice!" even when I knew I didn't look as cute as the other girls and I was seeking her honest opinion but, as long as it was modest it didn't matter, my mom only cared about what was on the inside. My mom is one who knows her beliefs and stands very strong in them but, she's very slow to speak. I can't even count to the number of times my mom had to tell me "You don't always have to be running your mouth." And the older I've become the more true I've realized that really is. There have been times I've been sincerely worried about my parents or a situation they have been in. Always in these situations my mom says "Well, it could be better but just pray about it." No matter the scenario my mom has always stood as strong as a 2000 pound ox, even though she's stuck in her 5 foot 120 pound body. She has always taken times like these to say "Kid's we have it soooo good." Then she'd point out situations that would make our Mount Everest just look like a mole hill.
Chores are a topic that flash quickly into my mind when I think of my mom, she often had to fill in as the enforcer when my dad wasn't around. When we began to whine or complain about chores she would be quick to tell us "You don't HAVE to do chores, you GET to do them." Now that I understand the benefit I've gained from those childhood responsibilities, I know what my mom was saying. Nevertheless there were times when we'd continue to complain and my mom would say "If you spent as much time doing chores as you just spent complaining you'd have all of them done by now." That never made us happy but it got us off of the couch. My mom never gave us instructions "Go do this or go do that!" instead she would say "Hey would you want to..." and it meant the same thing. She's the lady who assured us that if we sat too close to the TV or stood in front of the microwave we'd at least get a deathly disease and that would be the least of our worries. She's still never told me her favorite color because when we asked she'd just say "I love all of the colors." Even when a curve ball was thrown her way and she was faced with challenges she would force a smile and say "That'll just work." We've always laughed because when we ask her about a time in our past or a person who was in it she begins her stories with "Well that was when I was pregnant with..." and her explanation continues from that landmark. She's always been the first to volunteer to cook for a funeral, bake a meal for the sick neighbor or teach Sunday school for any age. She knows more hymns and camp songs than almost anyone I know and she can pick them on her six string too. She's always started her prayers with "Dear Heavenly Father" and then just continued talking with Him like she's done every day of her life. My favorite memory with my mom was when she would pray with each of us kids individually before bed. She'd say something very similar to this: "Help Trinity to have a good night sleep and happy dreams amen." And with that I knew that I was safe. Safe from the hurt of the world, discouragement from the devil and painful periods that were sure to show up, because no matter what I knew my mom will be praying for me tonight.

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