Friday, February 15, 2013

The Old Rancher

He didn't graduate from high school, they didn't offer it back then,
unless you were a city boy, but he was just a sheepherder's kid.
He's never read a whole text book, he's sure not one for schoolin'.
Though don't let his lack of exposure to the world be of any foolin'.
He knows the best way to build a gate and the way a corral should lay,
he understands the science of preserving grass to make the best quality hay.
He's never been to those Eastern cities, never met national officials
but he's the first affected by a change in fuel prices and lives national issues.
He's never fast to speak his mind, he listens to everyone else's thoughts first,
but when he decides to speak, everyone listens and treats his opinion like a Bible verse.
No, he's never seen the seven wonders that the world describes so clearly
but there are many more than just seven wonders that he holds very dearly.
Like the birth of a new born calf or helpin' to pull a big new lamb,
the dawning of a new day and the sunrise that paints the sky in the am.
The friendship shared by him and his cowdog who understands his every move
he doesn't even talk to him and that dog knows just what to do.
A tux and tie he doesn't have, a flannel pearl snap is his Sunday best.
To leave his fortune to so and so won't have to be his last request.
But he knows how to invest his life in helpin' others and always lendin' a hand.
He's gone from one side of the state and back to help dock and brand.
He understands giving an encouraging nod and helping to pass on the things he's learned.
Not gold, nor full bank accounts or fame but rewards in heaven he's earned.  
-Trinity Lewis

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