Monday, February 18, 2013

the day the sheepherder went to the salebarn

He'd just reached up to scratch his head and then to swat a fly
he didn't plan on staying long he was just droppin' by
to visit friends, have some pie and drink a couple pots of coffee.
Before he knew it he was in the stands watchin' bulls of high quality,
or high prices at least, as they wandered through the salebarn ring.
He just liked the atmosphere, all his friends and to hear the auctioneer sing.
But now that auctioneer was lookin' at him with  every move or itch he did
and as his friends stared at him he realized he should find a place to be hid.
Ya' see the number that was ringin' loud and clear through the whole barn
was over any number he could count to and he started to realize the harm
that would be done to his reputation if he didn't pay up and take home
the top seller of the day, a bull he didn't know he was buyin' but was now his very own.
He strutted to the cashier's counter to settle up and to give 'em money.
He wrote a check and high-taled it outta there, and here's the part that's funny.
The next day the bull guys showed up to drop off his fancy prize
when they pulled in they looked around and you should have just seen their eyes.
Course covered all around the place wasn't a cow or bovine of any kind at all.
There wasn't a barn, barbed wire fence or even a line of horses stall.
Just pen after pen of feeder lambs and more full pens after that.
They unloaded the bull said thanks to the old man and left him where he sat.
To this day at premier bull sales the auctioneer always makes sure to look twice,
and still they tell the story of the day the sheepherder bought the best bull for the highest price.
- Trinity Lewis

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