Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Who do you want to be?

I think we can all remember when we were little, we'd find something that we thought looked really fun or just cool, and we'd say "When I grow up I want to be a___!" I remember I wanted to either be on the radio or own a mechanic shop in the yard of my big brother's ranch (Because, of course, his ranch would be the biggest and most beautiful in all the land. At least that's what he'd always tell me.). One day when he and I were working on something, probably a bicycle, he asked me for a certain tool and I had no idea what it was....who is Alan and why do we have his wrench? This was the first exposure I had to the fact that I just might not be cut out to run a mechanic shop. Dangit! I had the name picked out and everything: Pud's Parts Place.
During junior high and high school I moved on to other career dreams that were slightly more feminine and that require a lot less physical labor and mechanical expertise. However, I still looked to people and thought "I want to be like that when I grow up." One day it hit me hard that, I had to quit hoping and dreaming of the person I'd become when I grew up. I was that person now. Maybe not the person I wanted to be completely but I was someone. I had to acknowledged that people already think of me as some kind of person.
It was that day that I began to really hold myself accountable to all of the dreams I had about what I'd become. I always wanted to be like those ladies who dress professionally, act politely but know how to have a fun time with their friends and families. I wanted to be a mom and wife like my mom is. I wanted to take future jobs and professions seriously. Even if those things weren't something I could totally control then (I was in school so I couldn't determine my position in my career) I could still do things every day to build how I was going to become in the future.
So today, no matter your age, think about who you've always wanted to be: a Godly person, someone who can relax and take time to laugh, someone who is outgoing, someone who thinks thoroughly through things before speaking. Even little things like: learning to be a good cook, memorizing the periodic table, understanding a professional sport. These are all things we get to evaluate and work for every day! It is too late to make a "New Year's Resolution" but it is never too late to commit yourself to a positive goal.
Today my prayer is that God will reveal to us the person he wants you and I to be. We have to recognize that it is only through Him that we'll be able to accomplish it and when we do, what a fulfilling day it will be!

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