Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Too little Time

A few days ago I was hurrying into our local big box store to grab some wedding pictures I had ordered for my parents. As I rushed in I saw an older man who'd gone to Church with my family for a very long time. I was so excited to see him so, of course, I stopped and we began visiting. "Dean" said he was in town today to get his eyes checked. His drivers license had expired and before he could get it renewed he had to make sure he could see the road! He told me that he'd turned 80 years old the week before. I told him that he should be proud of that because it's a pretty distinguished mile marker.
That's when he looked right at me with a mixture of seriousness and compassion. "You know Trinity," he said "my grandpa used to say to me that time would fly someday and I was too young to understand what he was saying. You're probably too young too but soon you'll understand what I'm talking about. When I was just a little boy one day seemed like forever. Especially days during the summer. We could go outside in the morning and by the time we came back in for dinner we'd accomplished so many chores and games, our lives couldn't have been any better. Not too long after that though there was high school and time began to fly faster. Then, I looked at everything one month at a time games, tests, seasons. Now, I just remember the decades. I remember when I was in my 30's, my 40's, my 50's and so on." The idea he'd just relayed to me sunk in so deep I began to get heart sick.
We finished our conversation and I told him goodbye. As I worked my way back to the photo department, I passed displays full of valentine votives and decorations. Each heart shape item, box of chocolate and display of cards made me think of the fun parties my mom always took us to for that special day in February. We'd make heart shaped cookies for Sunday school that had a colorful conversation heart in the middle of them. I remember when it used to seem that holidays were so incredibly spread out and I'd try to save my candy from one to the next. That never did work out very well though because it never failed that one of my siblings would find my stash.
I reached the counter to get my pictures and the lady who brought them to me said there'd been a problem. Our family had grown so big that we wouldn't all fit on the 8 by 10 photo I'd originally ordered. She had to put it on a really long panoramic type of picture. I chuckled to myself with a bit of pride. How many parents can say they've left enough of a legacy that they can't all even fit on an 8 by 10 photo together?
I started to leave and as I walked I slipped the big photo out of the envelope to see how it turned out. As I laughed at the silly faces my nieces and nephews had been caught with and bolstered with pride and gratitude when I looked at my beautiful mom and sisters, my dad and brothers who I'll forever look up to and my siblings in law who I grow to love more each day, I realized that the 5 month old picture is already out of date. 5 months, to the day, after our wedding, one of my sisters had a wonderful baby boy. Gosh, another sign of time flying by.
I called my sister that night and told her about my "time dilemma".  She said that even though the clocks constantly turn and our calenders ever progress, we just have to remember to give every second of every day to God. As long as we dedicate each and every day to Him, we'll find our purpose for being put here. That way, when we get to heaven we'll get to be part of a family picture, a picture too big to fit any of the dimensions we've set here on earth. 

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