Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Snowmobiling

This Sunday, after Church, Justin and I went snowmobiling with my cousin and her boyfriend. I wasn't raised around these fun machines but did get to play on  them when I was little and a few times now that I'm older. While we were out tearing up the drifts, I began to think about how snowmobiling is a lot like life.
I remember being little and full of fear at the thought of getting stuck in a deep drift or tipping over. In those days, there was always an adult close by so if something bad happened they could save me. Now that I'm older though, I've had to learn to be responsible because there aren't people waiting to pick me up as readily anymore. This reminds me of our financial life. My parents used to monitor what I spent money on and sometimes they'd advise me not to spend the money at all. Now, I share money ideas with Justin and trust his advice on where our dollars should go.
Because it is a pretty rare occurrence that I'm on a snowmobile, you can probably imagine that at the start of our snowmobiling days I am always pretty nervous. I go really slow and avoid turning at all costs. By the end of the day I whip around corners at the speed of lightning and am unstoppable...okay I'm not but still I like to think I've loosened up by the end of the day. When I have, I regret that I spent so much time saturated in worry and concern and not enough time having fun. Wow. That really sums up my life. Worried about everything instead of handing my worries to God and allowing Him to take care of my frustrations and anxieties. It is something I have to work on every single day.
Every time we load the sleds back up to head home, I think of what I learned that day. Each new kind of drift or challenge that was in my path caused me to adjust and learn something new, just like the paths in our lives. Each time we have some kind of issue pop up God is bending us and stretching us in ways that we might not understand. So many times though these are the things we look back on and realize "Wow! I learned so much from that experience."
I love to see God work everyday in my life and it is fun to look for the lessons he is trying to teach me. I just pray that I'll be receptive to those lessons and actually apply them to me life!

One last note: Worry is like a trickle of fear. Eventually it cuts a channel so deep that it wears away all other thoughts.

Have a wonderful week!

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