Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simple Life

I believe the best things in life that come to you and me
are the seemingly simple things and those things are free.
Like the rising of the moon and the setting of the sun
the feeling of accomplishment when all the work's been done. 
Those days in late December when the snow's fallen on the ground
but the peace that is within cuz all the feeds been scattered 'round. 
Then there are those early months at the beginning of the year
when the hay is almost all gone and there begins to be fear.
But all a sudden 'round March or maybe into April
the weather clears up and green grass begins to grow.
About that same time there's new calves and lambs
lo and behold the summer time is nigh once again.
But first must come the branding and the docking 'course.
Then there's fixing up the hay equipment which is a constant chore.
On to plantin' and hayin' and workin' hard out in the sun.
But then come rewards when all of the work's been done. 
Like headin' out to the old fishin' hole and reelin' in some of good size.
Or goin' into town for a street dance that keeps you out till mornin' light.
Soon enough it's time for harvest and weenin' the young livestock off.
Even though the prices aren't always where we'd like 'em, it's always just enough.
In the days that follow it's fun to harvest a different kind of meat. 
An antelope from out in the hay field or whitetail down by the creek.  
Another season closes and all the colors turn,
soon snow comes again and we chop more wood to burn. 
Some say you can't make a livin' ranchin', especially on a place this small
but if you aren't ranchin' and enjoyin' the simple things, are you really livin' at all?
- Trinity Lewis

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