Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Retiring Address

We never expected it to happen this way, it's never happened before.
I guess when God knows you've reached your time he opens wide the door.
Although most of us can't even believe it and we blink twice hopin' it's not true,
today's the day we remember all the ways our lives were touched by you.
For some of us it was a constant thing, seeing you everyday and being close
there's those of us though who saw you rarely but those times we treasured the most.
You've turned in your last judgin' card and finished your last van ride
even when your time was done, your best friends were by your side.
We know you're up in heaven, by the way you loved God and lived
but please watch over your teammates because the gap you left is big.
From now on all officers will be at their stations, the podium and the ear of corn,
the plow, the sun and George Washington but it'll look like we're missing one.
But you're not absent that's for sure you're at the station we were made to be
right next to our heavenly Father in the place you'll stay for eternity.
We're thinking of your family now and those who held you the nearest,
thank you for living a life that summed up the perfect Retiring Address.

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