Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my first close friend

My first close friend died this year, it really was a shock.
It wasn't from old age I guess it was safety measures that were forgot.
While sitting at his service, that cold and rainy day
It sunk into my heart, cold and deep, each word people had to say.
We're young and shouldn't have to think about our immortality
but then again it's not something that should surprise you and me.
God's taken many much younger to be at home by his side.
What it's caused me to understand, through this life we can't just glide.
We must live everyday with purpose and set a goal to live God's will
so that when our day is done we're ready to seal the deal
without any regrets, what ifs, if only I could go back or whys.
If we all lived like that, maybe we wouldn't be so afraid to die.
Praying is all I can do because from this situation there's no retreat.
So this prayer I send up to heaven as I sit in this cold seat.

"Lord, give me the ability to change a life today.
Help me to love those around me and to guard what I say.
Teach me to understand the value of each intricately painted sunset
and help me to remember all the things you've done that I shouldn't forget.
Please make my smile be the one that brightens the world of somebody,
in a place so cruel and hopeless, help me to share all that you are promising. 
When the devil starts to discourage me and great lives of friends are lost
help me to remember that by you I'm never forgot.
You care about each sparrow and each fish that's in the sea,
you placed each star in the sky so you definitely can keep track of me. 
I'm worried about those around me, who might be taken next?
I'll dig into your word each day and hope that from that text
I'll learn to relay your message and to trust you to take only those meant to be with you.
Lord, I'll sign off now but I'll talk again real soon."
I wish these weren't things we kids had to worry about, there goes another tear.
Gosh I'm thankful for those in my life today, thank you God for placing them here.

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