Wednesday, December 4, 2013

for Mothers and Grandmothers and those who love them

There is a lot to be said about a loving and kind mother. One who is willing to set aside anything that might hint selfishness and to pour her heart and soul into raising children of character. Children who are honest and loving, children who the community will look to with respect someday. Such a mother has to understand that her words become their words, her actions they will someday carry out and her opinions, blended with the opinions of the children's father, will become their outlook as well.
God put a very large burden on the shoulders of these women. Once they were just little girls themselves playing with their dollies and imagining that someday they'd cradle real babies and help them to grow.
All too soon the bills spilled in, the pains and trials that come with parenting rushed over these little girls and the word "mother" became more of a curse word than a term of endurance.
The story doesn't end there though. There are highlights for a mother during the teenage years, helping her little girl buy a prom dress or cheering her son on at the state high school rodeo. She is the chaperon to more events than she could imagine and she stands in line to get to have time with the kids that, she wanted to have friends, but she misses the days when they were just hers.
During the next few years a mother sends multiple care packages to her children while they're at college. She sends the packages with love and with the remorse that she's unable to be there with them. What an accomplishment to have them succeed but, memories flood her mind of the numerous instances when her gap toothed babes came running home with a homework problem or an art project that only mom could handle.
It is during those college days or maybe shortly thereafter when her little ones, now all grown up, call to say they're bringing a friend home for the weekend. Not just any friend but a boyfriend or a girlfriend and someone they're really interested in.
The next chapter is a flurry of engagement parties and bridal showers, wedding dress shopping and tux coordinating. Who will be the flower girl? The mother's niece. And as that little five year old walks down the isle with golden curls bouncing and petals being flung from her tiny fingers the mother can only think "Soon my baby will have babies all her own." Then is the moment when the kids are at the front of the Church and with only a few words on an alter, a covenant has been spoken and signed and the mother begins to sob. Both tears of laughter and joy for her young adult and also tears of letting go. She is no longer in charge.
What's right around the bend, the mother had predicted and with glee realizes that grandchildren are one of God's greatest blessings. For when a grandchild is made so is a grandma. Grandma soon realizes that these sweet little lives will not have to be corrected by her, she'll leave that to their parents. Her only duty is to love on them and to care for them any and every way she'd like.
So the page has turned and the cycle begins yet again. For a new mother, who watches her little one cradle a dolly. She stands there musing for a minute and just as the mother is about to walk away she hears the sweet girl say to the doll "Someday I'll have a real baby just like you and when I do I'll be all grown up just like mommy."

- Trinity Lewis

This story was written with several ladies in mind. Of course, my mother who will be celebrating another year on February 24th. She just became a grandmother for the 7th time and gosh, I hope to be as loving as her one day. Also, my mother in law. She just recently gave both of her little boys away to be married. These women, my sisters, aunts and grandmas, have all shaped and molded my life drastically. I hope to one day be half the women that each of them are. 

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