Thursday, February 28, 2013

Country Kids

Country kids really are the best
they know how to work and they know how to dress.
They might be the slowest to say a bad word
they'll be the fastest to figure out a plan that's for sure.
They can wrangle up cattle, they can sheer sheep
they can put down food and they sure can sleep.
They only do that when the work is all through.
Don't be concerned if they don't talk to you
on machines like facebook or twitter or text
their busy workin', they talk face to face to avoid any wrecks. 
When the work's all done and they have a chance to run to town
they'll howl at the moon till it goes back down. 
They wake up early at the crack of dawn.
They're quick to get their Carharts and chaps and boots on.
When it comes to smarts you should expect a bunch. 
They know about reading and writing and lunch!
Math problems, well they know about those of course.
They have to do math on the back of a horse. 
How much feed per cow today must we pour?
They know how to grid eyes and they know how to score. 
Public speaking? Country kids don't choose to hog the spotlight
but when needed, they articulate with absolutely no fright. 
When it comes to convictions or opinions they're strong. 
They have a foundation that is firm they'll ever stand on. 
They understand loss and they understand gain.
They live a life that they can't just explain. 
They've seen the fruits of their labor each and every year.
They've doctored sick calves and wrestled big steers. 
They've weathered bad weather, bad weather indeed
and they've redistributed earnings without any greed. 
If you have a country kid give them a pat or a kiss.
Cuz country kids are tough, tougher than woodpecker lips!

-Trinity Lewis

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