Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Season For Miracles

The sun starts to rise over frost covered mountains, I hurry out to the corral.
There's no better time to be a rancher, no better time than right now.
Sure there is tough work all year long, waterin', feedin' and such.
It could get real discouraging with the price of inputs continually going up.
But despite the many long rides, the losses, blowups and other complications,
I love the life I have because of days like today, I look forward to them with anticipation.

Laying out in the little pen is the heifer we pushed in when we saw her stirrin' last night.
Standing there by her side is a content healthy calf, black with a face clean and white.
The miracle of a new life is one none of us should ever take for granted,
like when a cornstalk actually grows up big and tall from the tiny seed that was planted.
We see miracles in our industry and I appreciate them that's for sure.
Sometimes it's hard to remember that they don't come continually all year.

Those tasks that we do from day to day that seem monotonous and mundane,
like moving cows and fixin' fence and fillin' the bin with grain,
are things that aren't really rewarding or inspiring. They might be discouraging even.
But we've got to be faithful in these small things, so then miracles will come in season.

This is just like our real life away from the ranch, my life with God and bein' good.
We may expect to be on an emotional high like the world told us we would.
But acting with character, staying focused on God and reading the Bible each day,
can turn into old hat for anyone even though we know the importance of the words on the page.
We ask "Should I be doing more? And where has my fiery passion gone?"
But you're the type who stays late at Church and helps keep it going strong.

When this begins to happen think back to today and the story of the calf and country miracles.
As long as we are dedicated and seeking God each day, our lives really are wonderful.
Sure you may not be on an emotional high. You might feel like your spinning round and round.
But the faithful work you're doing for God's kingdom is as important as keeping feed on your cattle's ground.
- Trinity Lewis

Thank you Logan Barlow for sharing your picture with us!

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