Monday, January 14, 2013

True Country Roots

In my pursuit of figuring out all things social media, I recently ran across a page that was called something like "all things country" or close to that. I selected the page but soon realized the country that this person was talking about was completely different from the country I know. It had cute sayings about country girls and quotes from some newer country songs. But this idea of camouflage caps and jacked up pickups containing kids who've spent very little time out of town, seemed pretty unrealistic to me. Don't get me wrong I'm a hunting supporter, have a few articles of camo in my closet and do love a big set of tires on a good lookin' pickup. I just consider those things as having good taste. To me, country is more about the lifestyle you live everyday.
If you have this kind of country roots you'll relate to these:
1.You think that a calf in the bathtub is something everyone goes through at one point or another.
2. If you've ever hauled bum lambs to town in a box ... in your car. Because lambing time has no right to interfere with everything else that needs to be done.
3. You consider six o'clock am sleeping in.
4. You plan every part of your family's life around when the cows need milked.
5. Utter disappointment can best be described as your best cow calving out a real plain calf ... and after you bred that cow to your favorite bull too! 
6. That "horse smell," rain and a pot load of cattle are the best aromas to have ever come your way. Oh, and you consider those smells, the smell of money. 
7. You nod your head knowingly when your good friend describes his crazy neighbor lady as a "typical horse person".
8. You have a deep love for animals. So deep that you recognize all of the things they are useful for, things other than just being pet and pampered.
9. You learned about the "birds and the bees" while knee deep in cow manure ... and just by observation. No talk needed.
10. Finally, if you've prayed for rain because your life depended on it, spent hours in a blizzard to save what you could or grown used to getting strange looks as you charge into the bank with your muck boots and old carharts, you can't predict when duty will call, you might have true country roots. 

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